Project: Technology Development

NUTES currently performs researches towards the development of new solutions in hardware and in software. These researches ranges four types of new technologies:

(a) embedded systems for medical devices for the interaction with life;

(b) tools for supporting the diagnostic through images;

(c) tools for supporting the development of critical systems;

and (d) hospitalar management systems.

Researches in (a) present results such as models for infusion pumps, defibrillators, vital signs monitors, ventilators and stimulators. We have competencies in Matlab/Simulink, ISOGRAPH/Reliability Workbench, Proteus, several families of microcontrollers, biomedical instrumentation, signal processors, among others.

Researches in (b) have results such as algorithms for breast cancer detection, mamography images retrieval based on visual contents and development of decisory systems. We have competencies in Artificial Intelligence, Image and Signal Processing, Data grouping methods, images retrieval, among others.

Researches in (c) have results such as new tools for modeling architectures of critical systems, safety integrity level verifiers, code generators, safety requirements decomposition and so on. We have expertiese in solutions such as Enterprise Architect, Eclipse Modeling Framework, Model-Driven Engineering, compilers, design patterns, among others.

Finally, researches in (d) presents results such as new solutions for rapid prototyping of EHR/PHR solutions, interaction of information systems with medical devices for safety management, conformance with interoperability standards and integration with new mobile technologies. We have competencies in many programming languages, webservices, data storage technologies, usability, software development processes, frameworks and more.