Organization Chart

The Strategic Technologies Center for Health (NUTES) was created through the Resolution 0118-2015 approved in CONSUNI as supplementary service of the State University of Paraíba. It is linked administratively to Dean of Planning and Development in accordance with the Statutes and Rules of UEPB and in accordance with current legislation. It is governed by Internal Rules and the General Rules of the UEPB. In Figure below, it is shown Operational Organization Chart UEPB highlighting the positioning of NUTES in it.

The organizational structure of the Center for Strategic Technologies in Health (NUTES) groups the following management units: General Coordination; Council Technical-Scientific (CTC); Secretary; Library; consultants; Administrative Unit; Research Unit, Development and Innovation; Operations Unit; Unit of Institutional Relations. In Figure it is shown the Organization Chart of NUTES detailing how these units relate to each other.
Organograma-NUTES                          NUTES Organization Chart.