Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Health offers mini course in Virtual Planning in Surgery

The International Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Health (WIMAS) will hold next Wednesday (18), the short course “Virtual Planning in Surgery”. The training is aimed at all professionals and students interested in the topic and will be held from 8am to 12pm in 3D Technologies Laboratory – NUTES, located in the building of the Center for Biological and Health Sciences (CCBS) of UEPB in Bodocongó .

Paulo Hemerson de Moraes, PhD in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery FOP / UNICAMP and graduated in Software Development by IFRN, will be the lecturer. The WIMAS will open next Wednesday (18) from 19:30 at the Assis Chateaubriand Museum  (MAC), located in Rua João Lélis, 581, in Catolé district of Campina Grande-PB. The opening lecture will be with Cicero Moraes and Paulo Eduardo Miamoto, which will address the theme “3D on Forensics”.

The workshop will bring together national and international speakers who will contribute to upgrading knowledge, developing partnerships and building businesses that will consolidate and expand the discussions on the application of 3D technologies for diagnosis, intervention and treatment of patients.

The registration for the Workshop and the mini course are being made on the following website:


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